At Make Health Whole, part of our charge is to help build and grow local networks to address your communities needs and enable collaboration and action. Download our networking tool here.

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About Make Health Whole

At the Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center, we’re on a mission to uncomplicate the health system and deliver whole person care. That means addressing a person’s mental, physical, and social needs together, from the beginning. The Make Health Whole initiative is a platform to provide key stakeholders with an actionable framework to address their state and community needs.Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ZOMA Foundation, and The Colorado Health Foundation, we develop and translate evidence, create tools, and are a networking resource to help educators, policy leaders, philanthropists, providers and practice team, payers, and communities advance integrated behavioral health together.

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Uncover the interests, roles, and efforts stakeholders already have in integrating behavioral health.

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