Issue Briefs: The role of behavioral health today

These briefs synthesize the evidence and present actionable solutions to address some of today’s most prevalent issues.

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Adolescent Health in Schools

Adolescents with positive behavioral health are more equipped to succeed academically. But when 1 in 5 youth have a diagnosable mental health condition, how do the education and healthcare sectors build systems to support the whole health of youth? Explore Issue >

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Medicaid is the largest payer of behavioral health services in the United States yet, within Medicaid, 51% of adults and 46% of children with behavioral health conditions did not receive treatment. How do we better meet their needs? Explore Issue >

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Opioid addiction is a chronic disease; like other illnesses, there are ways to prevent it, treat it, and make systems better equipped to address it. See how integrated solutions have been applied to opioid prevention, treatment, and system-level changes in these three briefs. Explore Issue >

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Stigma and health equity

How do we improve overall population health and reduce health inequalities? Explore Issue >

Behavioral health integration: definition and principles

Achieving integrated care is a complex change effort so it’s important all stakeholders understand and are aligned with the foundational definition and principles of the term “integrated behavioral health.”.

Definition + principles

Crafting issue briefs: our methodology

We conducted rapid reviews to synthesize evidence for decision makers in a timely manner. Learn more about the rigorous process..